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What does Restore do and how can it help my restaurant?
What does Restore do and how can it help my restaurant?
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Simplifying Guest Recovery

Restore is here to make your restaurant's customer experience even better by simplifying the way you document and resolve customer complaints. Previously, you may have relied on handwritten notes in a binder, which led to a complicated and often frustrating process for both guests and team members. But with Restore, every detail of a complaint is digitally captured and organized for easy retrieval.

The next time a guest returns with an issue, your managers can quickly search their name in Restore to find the resolution. This turns a potentially negative experience into a positive one. And if a guest prefers their resolution in the form of a reward sent directly to their mobile app, Restore makes it a smooth process.

A Single Place for All Complaints

Restore is designed to work with the tools and processes your restaurant already uses. It serves as a central hub for your team to efficiently and comprehensively document customer complaints, no matter where they come from. Whether it's via phone call, email, or any other channel, all complaints can be easily entered into Restore, creating a unified platform for reviewing and managing these issues. This organized approach simplifies tracking repeat complaints and food waste. It also makes it straightforward to understand your restaurant's performance and facilitates continuous improvement.

Leveraging Analytics for Improvement

Restore does more than manage complaints. It equips your restaurant with powerful analytics, acting as a catalyst for growth and learning. Understanding the "why" behind your operations is key, and Restore provides this insight with its advanced reporting tools.

Restore tracks of 18+ performance metrics, offering a wealth of insights. This data reveals patterns in complaints, which can be an invaluable resource for identifying potential areas of improvement in your restaurant.

One great feature of Restore is its ability to shed light on why guests may not be returning to redeem their resolutions. By delving into the analytics, you can compare the values of settled vs. expired resolutions, which allows you to identify the root cause and make the necessary adjustments.

Moreover, Restore enables you to monitor and analyze trends in complaints over time. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your improvement strategies and make necessary adjustments to reduce the overall volume of complaints.


In a nutshell, Restore is a game-changer for improving your guest recovery process. It not only helps your team resolve issues more efficiently, but also offers valuable insights to guide continuous improvement. By modernizing your approach and leveraging data, Restore helps your team consistently improve your guest experience.

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