What is Restore?
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Restore by Swipestorm mobile app screenshots showcasing customer recovery and analytics features.

Introducing Restore

Restore is a customer recovery app that simplifies the process of resolving customer complaints and provides advanced analytics and reporting tools to help you identify areas for improvement and strategically improve your restaurant's performance, all while building customer trust and loyalty.

Restaurants often face challenges in managing customer complaints efficiently. Traditional methods, such as pen and paper or spreadsheets, are labor-intensive and prone to errors. This can lead to slower service, decreased customer satisfaction, and missed opportunities for improvement.

Restore aims to streamline your restaurant's customer recovery process by moving beyond manual, labor-intensive approaches. The app offers a range of features designed to help your team document and resolve customer complaints efficiently, minimize disruption to the operation, and gain valuable insights for improvement.

Key Features of Restore

Here are the main features of the Restore app, along with the benefits they provide:

  • Streamlined Customer Recovery: Restore simplifies the process of documenting and resolving customer complaints, ensuring quick and gracious recovery with minimal disruption to your operation.

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting Tools: Restore's advanced analytics and reporting tools deliver valuable insights into your operations, enabling you to settle more complaints and reduce overall complaint volume.

  • Easy Search and Filtering: Restore allows your team to effortlessly search and filter through customer complaints, ensuring that the most relevant information is easily accessible when they return to your restaurant.

  • Intelligent Flagging: Restore maintains the integrity of your guest recovery process by automatically flagging repeat complaints and allowing for manual flagging of potential abuse.

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